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Reporting Unethical Behavior

Actions subject to reporting
  • The act of receiving money and valuables from stakeholders (including family members and relatives).
  • The act of shifting the cost of entertainment and meals higher than the usual level onto stakeholders.
  • The act of joining any golf meetings or using membership paid by stakeholders (except for official events).
  • The act of receiving hospitality paid by stakeholders, such as transportation and accommodation and accepting bribery.
  • The act of borrowing money from stakeholders and requesting loan guarantees.
  • The act of requesting preferential treatment and special favors to stakeholders in various personnel affairs.
  • The act of informing stakeholders about congratulatory or condolatory events and receiving any congratulatory or condolatory money from them.
  • The act of engaging in unfair business practices, such as bid rigging for concluding any contract with POSCO.
  • Any other violations of the Code of Ethics.
Protection of the identity of informants and those who cooperate
Provision of compensation to informants
To keep an informant’s identity confidential during the compensation payment process, the head of the audit function inside the Righteous Management Office receives the compensation and delivers it to the informant in a way that ensures confidentiality and he or she wants.
Prohibition of disclosing and tracking down informants and those who cooperate
  • Prohibition of disclosing the identity of informants and those who cooperate
    Any executives and employees who become aware of the identity of informants and those who cooperate, whether on duty or by accident, are prohibited from disclosing their identities.
  • Prohibition of tracking down informants and those who cooperate
    The accused person, his/her department and other relevant departments are strictly prohibited from carrying out any activities that may disclose the identity of informants and those who cooperate, such as making inquiries to the Righteous Management Office and engaging in investigation activities to find out their identity.
  • Prohibition of identity disclosure by audit personnel
    It is prohibited to disclose or imply the identity of informants and those who cooperate without their consent.
  • Punishment in case of violation
Prohibition of unfair treatment of informants and those who cooperate
  • Investigation of identity disclosure
    When the identity of an informant and those who cooperate is disclosed, it shall be reported to the Righteous Management Office.
    The Righteous Management Office launches its investigation into how their identity was disclosed and punishes responsible persons.
  • Prohibition of unfair treatment
    Any unfair treatment of informants and those who cooperate is prohibited, and punishment for violation shall be stipulated in relevant documents.
How to report
Category Description
Where to report Righteous Management Office
How to report Informants can choose the most convenient way among the website, mail, phone, fax, physical visit and others.
Instruction Specify the personal information of the informant himself/herself and the accused person as well as the details of the violation according to the 5W1H method with relevant evidence attached.
However, in the case of a matter of urgency (e.g. unethical behavior is underway at the moment of reporting), it can be reported without evidence.
Office in charge Cyber reporting
Go to the company website (www.poscointl.com) and click “Report Center > Consult and Report(Click)

Phone/fax/physical visit (Righteous Management Office)
Telephone: 82-2-759-3248 / Fax: +82-2-2076-2825

Righteous Management Office, POSCO International, 165, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 21998, Republic of Korea