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HR System

Main Education Programs
Group Programs
General Programs
We offer education programs for entry-level and experienced employees to share the POSCO Group’s business philosophy and core values, while helping them gain the basic knowledge in different fields.

Leadership Programs
Leadership programs are designed for promotional candidates and C-level executives so that they can gain the capabilities they need depending on their level of experience.

Learning Platform
An online educational platform for a wide range of disciplines, such as leadership, digital technology, work-related topics, business, economy, and foreign languages.

POSCO Insight Forum (PIUM) held to improve the employee safety mindset and improve general knowledge.
In-house Programs
General Programs
Onboarding program that includes orientation, OJT, and mentoring to assist new employees in adapting to the organization.

Leadership Programs
Leadership and followership programs offered to C-level executives and employees to foster the next-generation leaders.

Job Training
Professional program intended to nurture future entrepreneurs and experts in different job categories.
  • General Job Training: Guides employees to enhance their trade business skills and support their professional growth.
  • Investment Training: A specialized investment course that include financial analysis, corporate value evaluation, business feasibility analysis, and M&A designed to nurture employees into an international entrepreneur.

Global Programs
Programs tailored to meet the needs of international business.
  • Expatriate Program: Trains expatriate candidates and returning expatriates to help them adapt to the shift in the environment and the new duties and responsibilities before and after being dispatched overseas.
  • Foreign Language Program: Offers an opportunity to learn different languages, such as English, Japanese, and Chinese, over the phone or in class to help them enhance international communication skills.
  • Others: Onboarding program, promotor program, job training, leadership programs, among others, are offered to our global staff.
Reward Money for Obtaining Strategic Language and Professional Qualifications
Reward Money for Acquiring a Strategic Language Certification
Reward money provided when employees get a intermediate or advanced-level certification in Chinese, Russian, Burmese, and Indonesian.

Reward Money for Earning a Professional Certification
Reward money provided when employees get a professional certification in fields designated by the company during the employment period.
Local Experts/Short-Term Overseas Dispatch
Local Experts
We have a Local Experts Program centered around regions that we need to engage in or discover new growth drivers with a view to nurturing global talent.
This is a six to twelve-month off the job training program where employees carry out study in the region or surrounding countries and conduct business projects applicable to the head office.
Short-Term Overseas Dispatch
We offer different forms of short-term programs primarily for junior-level employees to develop their international business skills early on.
This is three to twelve months of on the job training through which employees develop new markets, carry out mandatory duties, and overseas projects.
In-House Ventures
The In-House Venture system provides employees with an opportunity to start a new business to offer them a new pathway for growth and to create a corporate culture by keeping the can-do spirit alive and building creativity.

① Discovering a business item
② Selecting an in-house venture, deliberating on the business, and incubating the business
③ Starting the new business and through our follow-up management process.
Young Board
We have a Young Board System that aims to reflect the voices from the field in business through smooth communication between employees and executives, and to use and develop collective intelligence of our outstanding talent.