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HR System

HR System
Job Categories
Our workforce is made up of three different categories of staff that consist of a P Category, Professionals (field services), and the E Category. We group our staff based on their academic and career backgrounds and expertise.
Performance Evaluation System
We carry out fair employee evaluations based on performance, and apply a differentiated compensation system according to the results of the individual and the organizational assessment.

We have a highly acceptable evaluation system with goal-setting sessions and evaluation interviews integral as parts of the system.
Compensation System
  • Annual Salary System
    Our salary system provides the same base salary for the same position depending on the duties and responsibilities of the different positions. Different compensations are provided in the upcoming year, which are determined based on the individual and the organizational assessment.
  • Managerial Incentives
    Different incentives are given according to the operating profit achievement rate and the results of the organizational assessment.
  • Others: Rewards
    We have a reward system based on which we offer the Best Challenge Award, the Best Performance Award, or the Discretionary Commendation to those who far outperform their colleagues or set a good example.
Promotion System
We select the final promotion candidate by comprehensively considering the HR assessment, foreign language points, and points added or deducted.

For entry-level employees, we have a Promotion Point System that scores the points added or deducted for their foreign language performance and rewards, and promotes employees who earns a certain amount of points.
Job Rotation Program
We have a Job Rotation Program which is introduced to nurture type π leaders with expertise in at least two different areas.
Works in a variety of positions within his/her job category and develops the organizational management skills
  • Assigned to outperforming employees who have some experience in the Job Rotation System.
  • Holds different positions that match his/her expertise that are in relevant departments.
Senior Level (Managers or higher)
Extends experience within a specific job category and deepens expertise
  • Accumulates experience in other departments through the Job Rotation System and is dispatched overseas as an expatriate.
Junior Level (Assistant Managers or lower)
Explores job categories that will enhance his/her own expertise for eight years since joining the company
  • Learns the ropes in the department assigned for three to five years after coming on board.
  • Gains experience through organization transfers or short-term dispatch (between upstream and downstream sectors of the business structure) based on relevance in business items and duties after three to fives years following joining the company.
Expatriate System
We nurture the next-generation leaders who will pioneer global business based on our experience on the international stage by providing the top performers with opportunities to work overseas. We follow a fair procedure when selecting expatriates through an in-house selection process.