Business Ethics

CEO Message

POSCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation has been developed as Korea’s most recognized general trading company since its foundation on 1967, distinguishing itself in export/import trading and resource development.

In order to achieve sustainable development under the age of limitless competition, we must improve our ethicality as a global company since business management which only focuses on its benefit will lead to loss of customer’s faith and weaken company’s competitiveness.

We will firmly establish ethical corporate culture so that all employees can place utmost priority to ethics in every judgment and behaviors. Especially, we will strictly adhere to a zero tolerance policy for the four unethical practices, such as accepting bribes, embezzlement, fabrication of information and violation of sexual ethics.

Moreover, we will take the lead in complying with international rules and fair trade act as globally recognized ethical firm and strengthen fair trade corporate culture through working on various compliance programs.

Accordingly, we must evolve POSCO INTERNATIONAL into a company that achieves win-win growth and development alongside all of our stakeholders by becoming the best trading partner for clients, the best investment for shareholders and the best workplace for the enduring happiness of employees.

Joo Si-Bo, President & CEO