• ESG & Corporate Citizenship

Social Contribution

As a global company, POSCO INTERNATIONAL is setting an example in the field of corporate social responsibility, striving continuously to realize 'Society with POSCO' to grow alongside with our local society.

Under our vision of social contribution aptly captured in the slogan, ‘Moving Forward Together’, POSCO INTERNATIONAL is initiating various activities to contribute to the domestic and international communities setting 'Nurture Future Leaders', 'Medicare Support', and 'Caring for the Less Privileged' as our focus.
Strategic Direction
  • Nurture Future Leaders
    Based on the core value which puts talents as the top priority, we lead the way of education for children and adolescents to develop future talents.
    English language education for children from less privileged groups in Korea
    Education for teenagers from multi-cultural families and immigrated children in Korea
    Development of specialized talents in the engineering fields in Uzbekistan
  • Medicare Support
    We aid medically underserved communities to improve general access to medical treatment and fairness while enhancing the safety net for people in medical blind spots.
    Medical support for local residents in Indonesia
    Blindness prevention and eye health promotion Program in Uzbekistan
    Medical support for children with facial deformation in Myanmar
  • Caring for the Less Privileged
    We protect social rights of less privileged groups, and aspire to improve life quality for those who do not have as much access as the others to the welfare system through systematic assistance
    Support for children waiting for adoption in Korea, and administer foster care program, 'Be The Parents'
    Provision of wheelchairs for people with severe handicap and volunteer works in the facilities
    Provision of free meals for socially disadvantaged groups