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Ethical Management

CEO Message
POSCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation has been developed as Korea’s most recognized general trading company since its foundation on 1967, distinguishing itself in export/import trading and resource development.

In order to achieve sustainable development under the age of limitless competition, we must improve our ethicality as a global company since business management which only focuses on its benefit will lead to loss of customer’s faith and weaken company’s competitiveness.

We will firmly establish ethical corporate culture so that all employees can place utmost priority to ethics in every judgment and behaviors. Especially, we will strictly adhere to a zero tolerance policy for the four unethical practices, such as accepting bribes, embezzlement, fabrication of information and violation of sexual ethics.

Moreover, we will take the lead in complying with international rules and fair trade act as globally recognized ethical firm and strengthen fair trade corporate culture through working on various compliance programs.

Accordingly, we must evolve POSCO INTERNATIONAL into a company that achieves win-win growth and development alongside all of our stakeholders by becoming the best trading partner for clients, the best investment for shareholders and the best workplace for the enduring happiness of employees.
Preamble of the Code of ethics
This code of ethics establishes the ethical values and behavioral standards that must be preserved and developed by all employees of POSCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation.

It is our unchanging value to establish a corporate image that can be trusted by all stakeholders with the highly prioritized value criteria of integrity, fairness and honesty.

As a result, POSCO INTERNATIONAL enacted the code of ethics in 2003 that must be adhered to by all employees, and explicitly included the UN Human Rights that claim to support respect for human life and dignity in 2014. At this time, POSCO INTERNATIONAL has amended the code of ethics with tighter ethical standards according to the intent of management innovation that places the highest value on ethics in management.

This code of ethics consists of the preamble, followed by the principles of ethics that reflect compliance and responsibility of employees regarding the code of ethics, and practical guidelines that set the standard for ethical decision-making.

All employees of POSCO INTERNATIONAL must strictly comply with the principles of ethics and practical guidelines set by this code of ethics in all aspects of business.

This is how we all can proudly preserve the credibility of POSCO INTERNATIONAL as we know it today, formed by the blood, sweat, and tears of our founding members.
Ethical Practices
Purpose of the Clean POSCO INTERNATIONAL System
To create a corporate culture in which solicitation is impossible by recording and managing all recommendations and solicitations.
Preventive Measures Against Unethical Behavior
Employees who receive solicitations will have the justification to refuse said solicitation on the grounds of the report, and there will be a preventive effect on people making solicitations in the future due to concern for leaving a record of such actions.
Practicing the Spirit of Informing
  • Creates an atmosphere of sincerity and transparency by having company executives and employees conscientiously and voluntarily report any solicitations they may receive.
  • The fact that they have reported the solicitation is deemed as being voluntary with the person reporting the action being exempt from any liability for problems and/or responsibilities to protect good employees.
Operation Process of the Clean POSCO INTERNATIONAL System
All executives and employees involved in all phases of recommendations and solicitations, including the recipient of said recommendation or solicitation, the person who was notified of the news, and staff.
How to Report
Any executive or employee who has received recommendations or solicitations must register the case as is without any omissions or adjustments to the story providing information based on the five Ws and one H.
When to Report
The informant must report the case on the system within 24 hours following any such recommendation or solicitation.
However, the deadline may be delayed under special circumstances (e.g. meetings or business trips).