• ESG & Corporate Citizenship


ISCC EU Certificate
POSCO International has obtained ISCC EU certificate and complies with the EU RED(Renewable Energy Guidelines) requirements for sustainable biofuel, biomass and bioenergy trading.
GMP+ FSA(Feed Safety Assurance) Certificate
POSCO International endeavors to ensure feed safety throughout the supply chain by obtaining GMP+(Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate, an international feed safety and quality standard based primarily on the requirements of ISO 9001(Quality Management System), HACCP(Food Hazard Critical Control Standards).
AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) Certification
POSCO INTERNATIONAL is a company of excellent import and export safety management, first recognized by the Korea Customs Service in 2013 for its reliability and stability. The comprehensive review for re-approval takes place every 5 years, and in December 2022, the company acquired AA rating.
Certificate of Company Specific Approved Exporter
POSCO INTERNATIONAL is certified by the Korea Customs Service in recognition of its ability to prove the country of origins.
ISO 22000
Food Safety Management System
MMW Grain Terminal in Ukraine, based on the Food Safety Management System, is committed to essentially managing food safety hazards that may occur at all stages of the food supply chain.
Family-friendly Company Certification
POSCO INTERNATIONAL will continue create a workplace where a harmonious combination of work and family life is possible by operating an exemplary family-friendly system.