Presidenst’s Message

“Serving as a global business leader for POSCO Group, POSCO INTERNATIONAL tirelessly pursues innovation to emerge as a top-tier Globally Integrated Corporation”


  • It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the POSCO INTERNATIONAL’s website.

    As a Globally Integrated Corporation, POSCO INTERNATIONAL continues to explore future business opportunities across wide-ranging areas under the motto of ‘We Make Business’ to realize its vision ‘Beyond Trade, Pursuing Future Business’. Since our inception in 1967, we have led Korea’s export industry all while relentlessly pursuing transformation and innovation to evolve into the nation’s top-tier general trader. Following our incorporation into POSCO Group, a globally-renowned steel company, in 2010, we have contributed to generating added value on the group-wide level.

    In the face of uncertainties that abound across the internal and external business landscape, our unwavering spirit has given us the strength to successfully rise to challenges to create new business opportunities and stay the course on sustainable growth. We focus on steel, energy and agro as our core business areas, and keep an eye on green mobility, green materials, hydrogen, and smart farm businesses to seek business opportunities in alignment with other group affiliates and develop promising business models in these future-driven sustainable industries.

    In tandem with this, we will tap into new markets on the strength of our global network and marketing capabilities, leverage our flexible thinking to translate diverse business ideas into action, and identify and invest in competitive Korean SMEs to continuously pursue shared growth.

In accordance with POSCO Group’s management philosophy of ‘Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together’, we comply with international norms and set an example in advancing ethics management and fair trade. As a responsible member of society, we proactively reach out to wide-ranging stakeholders to grasp pending social challenges and to fulfill our obligation and responsibility to offer solutions in partnership with domestic and international communities. Furthermore, we establish a responsible supply chain management system in cooperation with other group affiliates to practice ethics management while conducting business in an eco-conscious manner to play a proactive role in resolving social issues.

Our journey to become a true global corporate citizen continues even at this very moment. To reach the set destination, we will collaborate with diverse stakeholders to share our value and broaden our horizon towards the whole of the global community to confront and address imminent global challenges.

Building upon the trust-based relationships we have forged with our stakeholders, we will further strengthen our capabilities through sustained innovation and growth, and seek out new business opportunities to take the lead in pioneering new markets and emerge as a top-tier Globally Integrated Corporation in so doing.

We look forward to your continued interest and encouragement in our journey ahead.

Thank you.

President, POSCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation
Joo Si-Bo