CEO Message

“POSCO INTERNATIONAL is making its way forward to become the Top Globally Integrated Corporation as the global business leader of POSCO Group”


  • Welcome and thank you for visiting the POSCO INTERNATIONAL website.

    POSCO INTERNATIONAL is a Globally Integrated Corporation currently operating multiple businesses under the vision of ‘Beyond Trade, Pursuing Future Business’, and the slogan of ‘We Make Business.’ We have been leading Korea’s export since our establishment in 1967, and becoming the best general trading company in Korea with continuous change and innovation. In 2010, we became a member of POSCO Group, the global top steel making company, and has been creating great synergy with other subsidiary companies of POSCO Group since then.

    Even in the face of deteriorating business conditions, we set new records in operating profit two years in a row in 2018 and 2019 to further solidify its current position. While we focus on investing in and developing our strategic business in the steel, E&P, agro and LNG sectors, we will also explore and pursue business opportunities and new promising materials in the mobility, chemical, non-ferrous metal and power infrastructure sectors in alignment with POSCO Group. In particular, we aim to harness our global network and marketing capabilities to tap into new markets, translate diverse business ideas into action through flexible thinking while identifying and investing in competitive Korean SMEs to constantly expand shared growth.

    In line with POSCO Group’s management philosophy of ‘Corporate Citizenship’, we are doing our best to follow international standards and practice ethical management guidelines and fair trade.

We have been strengthening our support for less privileged individuals and promoting sound communication with domestic and overseas communities to solve social issues facing our society. Furthermore, as a key part of our corporate policy in cooperation with POSCO Group, we established a responsible supply chain management system and practice sustainability management to comply with international norms on ethical mining and mineral consumption and to fulfill social responsibility in this regard.

This will undoubtedly allow us to collaborate with stakeholders who surround us and share values with them and to broaden our horizon into the wider global community to address the harsh reality of today as a sincere global corporate citizen.

“Change before you have to.”

While uncertainties are perceived by businesses as threats that are hard to handle, we are convinced that we can surely generate even more valuable outcomes if we focus on our assets and capabilities ac-cumulated over the years through communication with stakeholders and cope with changes of the future even before they occur.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your everlasting interest in and support for POSCO INTERNATIONAL.

Thank you.

President & CEO, POSCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation
Joo Si-Bo