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Cotton Business
We are operating a cotton subsidiary based on the abundance of raw cotton that is grown in Uzbekistan, one of the largest cotton producers in the world. The company has thrived and become the largest foreign investment company in Fergana and Bukhara, where we are based in Uzbekistan.
Today, we are increasing the value chain by allocating cotton clusters, introducing modern farming techniques, and building cotton processing plants. We’ve also acquired the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), an environmental certification, as we strive toward becoming the largest cotton material company in Central Asia.
Uzbekistan Cotton Subsidiary Homepage
- Location: Fergana and Bukhara, Uzbekistan
- Produces 50,000 tons of cotton yarns and cotton fabric.
- Began the business since 1996.
- Cotton planting area: 5,210 ha (Fergana) as of 2022 -> To be expanded to 35,000 ha by 2025.