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Based on strategic partnerships with major global manufacturers, our company is transforming into a leading company in white bio industry.
We are leading the market trends by handling eco-friendly raw materials such as bioplastics (PBAT, PLA, PBS), PTA, and chemical rubbers. In addition, we are expanding our business area in the eco-friendly bio industry, such as green bio and red bio projects. We are increasing our status as an eco-friendly company that integrates domain and oversea value chain through various investments as well as trading and distribution.
Main items
Bioplastics (PBAT, PBS, PLA) Chemical fiber raw materials (PTA, QTA, PIA, etc.) Synthetic resin (PE, PP, ABS, SAN, PC, etc.) Chemical Rubber (LATEX, etc.) Others (carbon black)
Main Use
Eco-friendly raw materials and eco-friendly materials